New Designers, Hereford College

Challenging Perceptions

8 October - 10 November

James Smith / Rhys Bateman / Victor Chudecki /

Emilia Palma-Cientanni

Four hand-picked graduates from New Designers show London 2018 bring you a taste of the next generation of artists challenging the perceptions of what is possible from architectural Ironwork to interior design. 

Rhys Bateman, Victor Chudecki, James Smith, and Emilia Palma-Cientanni recently graduated from Hereford College of Arts, a college with an international profile at the forefront of education in forged metal design and contemporary design crafts

James Smith - James practice involves forging of intricate kinetic pieces inspired by fine details that are the essence of the physical world transformed into metal.

Rhys Bateman - Rhys is influenced by biomorphic sequences in nature. The oceanic world is abundant in tactile qualities which often go unnoticed, untouched, and unappreciated. His project encourages appreciation for the tactile through the haptic nature and varied textures of the pieces.

Victor Chudecki - The purpose of Victor’s work is to show how light penetrates space. Splitting and tearing the steel apart allows light to take advantage of the openings and reveal itself through even the smallest of gaps.

Emilia Palma-Cientanni - Emilia a recent BA (hons) graduate in Design & Craft from Hereford College of Arts takes her inspiration from water, waves and wind, to create her innovative shelving from a range of wood variations and acrylic felt.

Creative energy and design at its very best.