18 April - 11 June

Trudie loom weaves, embedding colour and ideas within a canvas of hand-dyed silk warps and weft. Weave is a process of crossing threads and for Trudie, pulling together threads of ideas to give them visual substance and materiality. Working in series, often using poetry as a starting point for her weave.

The process is exquisitely demonstrated in 'Weaving the Shipping Forecast.'

To land-bound and urban radio audiences, the Shipping Forecast recalls not only the UK’s maritime past but windswept wave-engulfed rocks and coastal stations outside, whilst feeling secure and warm inside. Serving a practical function for mariners, the BBC’s measured daily reading of the shipping forecast has for many listeners, become a Nations poem.

The listing of the maritime geographical names and their weather conditions is woven into our cultural understanding, inspiring poets, musicians and artists. Each pieceTrudie weaves is totally unique and requires complete focus.The process of making slows time and provides a space where hand  eye, mind and creativity work together.

Trudie demonstrated her loom weaving at intervals throughout the exhibition. See our website for dates.