Solitary Trees in Winter


6th February - 18th March 2018 

Thomas Perceval is an artist based on the border of mid Wales and Herefordshire where he was born and grew up. He studied for a Foundation in Arts at Hereford Art College, followed by a BA at Camberwell College of Arts London.

On completion of college, Thomas returned to the countryside where he re-engaged with nature and the natural beauty of his surroundings. Inspired by his past and present experiences, Thomas decided to capture the spirit, energy and character of trees, by combining drawing techniques with laser technology. Each piece is meticulously created and expresses the serenity and peace found in the shape and form of trees. 

Using a variety of woods each piece is etched and engraved before being mounted into frames to protect the back and sides of the image. 

All colouring is done by the burning process alone. Although each piece is a Limited Edition, the individual wood grain pattern is an integral part of the artwork, so no two pieces are exactly the same.