Marina Ince

Marina Art

12 November - 12 January 2020


Marina will tell you she has always been passionate about art, making her own pieces as a child. She sculptured from plasticine, drew pictures, and painted and crafted numerous pieces assisted and inspired by her grandmother who was a brilliant tailor.

Spending much of her adult life in different countries and meeting various cultures opened great opportunities to learn new things, and discover new techniques in art. Marina also attended a number of courses and master classes about doll making and became completely immersed. As she quotes ‘It is full of joy and satisfaction to sculpt a doll, dress it and give an expression to its face’. She was fortunate enough to be a student of doll artist Irina Kacharava amongst others. Having honed her craft, the result is now a mesmerizing, large, eclectic collection of exquisitely crafted life-like ‘Art Dolls’ of various sizes often quirky, humorous perceptive, recognisable and each one Individually crafted to perfection.

Look out for more from Marina as she will feature in our January Brochure as she will be running workshops. Marina will introduce you to the skill and enjoyment of making your own unique piece of leather jewellery.