Liz Emery

Textile & Felt Artist

31 March - 10 May

Liz is a Yorkshire Lass and has a love of Yorkshire and all things woolly! She enjoys walking in the countryside and has always been amused by the diversity of the different breeds of sheep around the country. This has extended into researching the many and varied breeds we have and the very different qualities of their fleeces.


Liz uses her fine art skills with her exper t felt making knowledge to create portraits of her favourite sheep breeds. She injects humour and character into each one of them. Liz uses the ‘wet felting‘ method to create her pictures and uses fleeces from some of the sheep breeds she has chosen to portray. She has also produced pictures that show some of the antics that the sheep get up to when left to their own device

Wet felting’ is an ancient method of producing fabric by subjecting wool fibres to a hot soapy solution and friction thus causing the fibres to lock together. Liz strives to bridge the divide between fine art and textiles to create pictures that have the feel of a painting whilst retaining the textural qualities of the fibres’


Liz will be conducting a Felting Workshop in the Gallery on Saturday 28 March 2020. You do not need to have any previous felting or artistic experience to attend. All you need is a desire to learn or expand on a new skill and have fun creating. All her workshops are for mixed ability. See Workshop section for more details