13 Mile Studio

Tracy Nicholls | Megan Rowden | Ros Perton | Monette Larsen

20 November - 13 January 2019

13 Mile studio is a collective of four highly regarded contemporary artists, living and working within 13 miles of each other in South West London. They each share aims and ambitions to elevate the perception of their practice and to engage with a wider audience.

Their individual work in ceramics and glass is contemporary and original and they find themselves navigating a changing art world, where glass and ceramic now sit alongside more traditional sculptural media.


By promoting themselves as a collective, these four artists seek to strengthen the impact of their works and to feed off the positive aspects of a collaborative group dynamic.



Intrigued by structures that may appear fragile but belie the strength they possess, Tracy uses kiln formed glass to create work inspired by its aesthetic beauty. Gravitating towards a simple colour palette of opaque whites, greys and blacks, with an occasional splash ofcolour, using thin strips of glass to weavediaphanous sculptural forms. By combining multiplelayers she creates movement within the pieces inviting an interplay with light.



Megan is a sculptor who specializes in ceramics, casting and alternative firings such as pit, raku and saggar techniques. She is interested in relationships, how you can affect one element by introducing another, from the arrangement of forms, chemical combustions to human interaction. Megan is alsofascinated by the technical side of creating, and likes to have an

understanding of how things work and how they are made, playing with the elements to skew results into more complex aesthetic curiosity and beauty.


Ros produces soft white delicate porcelain thrown forms, with an alluring translucent yet tactile quality. She seeks to explore and to question the traditional use of materials and the accepted associations of beauty, usefulness and value in ceramic forms. Whilst Ros uses a traditional potters wheel, the forms are often distended, altered, torn or added to when the clay is still plastic. The forms are interrelated. 



Monette has always been fascinated by the concept of beauty within nature - what makes something beautiful and what are the characters that define it as such. Drawing on the imagery and wonders of the living world she looks at the molecular structure, nanoscale and mathematics in nature as the foundation for her work. Monette won the London Glassblowers ‘Emerging Artist’ prize last year at the British Glass Biennale and has been studying art form since 2005.