Carol Naylor

A Stitched Timeline

26 February - 7 April

Contemporary textile artist Carol Naylor specialises in machine embroidery. She creates unique, one-off pieces by stitching directly onto painter’s canvas using a variety of rayon, cotton, woollen and metallic threads. Carol has worked in textiles all her life, teaching, lecturing and, since 1997, as a freelance artist.


She studied at the Art School in Goldsmiths college under the guidance of Constance Howard whose pioneering approach and passion for embroidery helped to raise it from a hobby to an art form in its own right. Her influence helped shape Carol’s own direction. This exhibition, entitled ‘A Stitched Timeline’ showcases Carol’s work from over 5 decades for the first time:

- Hand embroidery influenced by the 1970’s abstract expressionists

- experimental paper making of the 1980s

- 1990s architectural embroideries inspired by her travels and pieces that explored maps and

 - contours from the 2000s lead you towards her contemporary, densely machined stitched landscapes and skyscapes.


Her sketchbooks were, and are her diaries, recording where she had been and what she had seen - from doodles in meetings to detailed observations.


As a child Carol will admit that all she did was draw. By the age of 12 she was avidly collecting books about artists while her friends were collecting pictures of Elvis and The Beatles. She recalls her mother tramping London’s streets with her to see Gauguin’s paintings in the Courtauld Institute.

What you see throughout Carol’s career are her gradual changes of direction, in ideas and techniques. Throughout, one thing remains apparent - the stitched line has always been there in different interpretations. This was good grounding for the future as she now has over 30 years of sketchbooks in her studio, a lifetimes practice. They are her diaries.

She says: I look, I draw, I select, I translate.