Alastair Duncan

Interactive Tapestry

23 June - 2 August

Alastair is an artist working in tapestry weaving and digital media which includes photography and sound. He has lived and worked in Wales for several years and has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and the U.S.

Alastair produces large, visually stunning textured land and seascapes and has completed many major commissions for UK and Irish companies. Alastair is also well known in schools across South Wales. Recent developments in his work have included integrating interactive audio with his tapestry. Viewers are encouraged to interact with and explore the art work using their senses.


Alastair is continually researching and developing ways of communicating the enjoyment and stimulus of art to a wider audience and will welcome your feedback. Alastair will also be working and engaging with the teachers and pupils from Manor Mead School Shepperton on a weaving workshop for children with special needs as part of a broader school project.


The work they produce will be showcased during the exhibition. Alastair will be introducing a series of workshops during this exhibition suitable for people with disabilities or disabled people. To take part in a workshop please contact the Gallery direct or visit our web site for details.


This work has been supported by Arts Council of Wales and Theo Moorman Charitable Trust. In order to learn more about audio interactivity and audience engagement he has set up a project involving disabled artists and a funding strategy that would allow him to do this. As well as collaborating with other artists and disseminating his current knowledge in the field, allowing others to explore a new audio visual approach to their work, the

project will also help him to develop new work for exhibition.