Capture Spelthorne

Photographic Competition Finalists

3 September - 6 October 

Since 1 January 2018, Spelthorne has been running a photographic competition to find the best photographs of the borough. The only criteria for entry was that the photograph had to be taken in Spelthorne after 1 January 2018 and fall within one of the following 4 categories:


Living in Spelthorne – What does Spelthorne mean to you? Photographs of local places, landmarks or events that depict life in Spelthorne and captures the spirit of this vibrant community.


Urban landscape – Spelthorne is home to many interesting buildings from the historic to the modern. Which buildings capture your imagination or reflect where you live?


Hidden gems – An opportunity to capture those hidden gems or secret corners that you want to share. 


Water scenes – With one third of Spelthorne being covered by water, from the River Thames to the many reservoirs and lakes, judges were looking for waterside snaps which could include wildlife, boating or simply lovely waterscapes..