Alan James McLeod

Abstract Artist

27 August - 6 October

Alan James McLeod’s abstract collages are inspired by the beauty and detail of the landscape, buildings and objects that surround him. His influences range from weathered effects created by the elements, to landscapes, Planetary bodies, human bodies, and minds, and surface pattern making.

The works are created using hand painted papers, before being collaged together.

Blending gouache, textiles and mixed media. Alan begins the creation of his painted papers with no fixed plan or vision. ‘It’s solely about the drive to create an effect or texture that he feels he can use in a finished work’ he says. How the papers end up influences the direction in which the piece is going be it an abstract landscape, or thinking of imagined shrines, artefacts or architecture.


Very rarely is a piece completed using only one paper. He uses a combination of techniques, including edge to edge joining for the composition, and collage for the decorative elements. Alan elaborates: Abstract work can evoke memories of not just places, but feelings and experiences. I add shape to the compositions to add focus, hoping the viewer can find enough space within the work to add their own interpretation. The result bares an intriguing resemblance to centuries old unearthed artefacts or enticing weather beaten ephemera.

SATURDAY 31 AUGUST 2:00 - 4:00pm 

Come along and meet the artist Alan James McLeod and learn more about how he creates his work.