Living in the 21st Century

Three graduates 

20th March - 22nd April 2018 

We bring together three recent graduates from across the UK to showcase an exciting range of interior, exterior and wearable designs for living in the 21st century. Using the latest technology, each artist explores and experiments with materials, processes and techniques with inspiring results.



Exploring macro nature and city architecture to create woven formed fabrics for Concept Automotive interiors, Chloe challenges the concept of bringing colour and pattern inside, allowing the interior to become a more important part of the car.



Rebecca chose the theme of coastal wandering for her interior designs. Every print in her collection is hand printed and / or hand painted using a variety of techniques including screen printing and open silk screen printing.

The result is a creative blend of graduated soft colours reflecting solitude and tranquility. 


Taking inspiration from everyday events and situations and playing with composition, drawing is an essential starting point for Florence, taking the time to slow down, absorb and reflect on the small details.

Playing with composition, combinations and colours, Florence captures abstract interpretations which are translated into large vibrant wall hangings and quilts. 

3 hugely talented young artists, and certainly ones to watch for the future!