Artist Stuart Simler has once again been working on our annual community project with Manor Mead School for children with special needs.


Looking at sensory exploration of the Sunbury Walled Garden - the aim for this project was to bring into consideration the idea of ‘journey’ and what this means to us as individuals.


The children went on a range of short walks in and around the Walled Garden. The group explored and documented their experiences and findings from the walks, their senses being put to the test, touching different surfaces and textures, listening to different sounds, taking pictures and making various paper rubbings of objects they found along the way.


Back at the school, the children immersed themselves in a multi-disciplinary art process, engaging with ceramics, photography with over drawing, sound and other mixed media techniques.


The outcome of the project has resulted in a final artwork that takes visitors on a journey of their own as they explore the different ways in which these young artists observe the sights and sounds surrounding the gallery and garden.


Thanks to The Friends of the Sunbury Embroidery for their generous support of this project.