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The Hidden Histories of Women

25 JUNE to 18 AUGUST

In the "Hidden Histories of Women" exhibition, Alison Baxter honours the often underestimated but profound impact of our Grandmothers. This assortment of miniature vessels commemorates these extraordinary women and the narratives they carry. Alison, the artist, has transformed these narratives into art, with each vessel embodying the distinct qualities and enduring imprints of our Grandmothers.


Alison initially trained as a jeweller and have had a successful studio practice with work exhibited and sold worldwide and held in national collections. She embarked on an MA in textiles in 2015 to develop work that was not constrained within the framework of the body.


The exhibition highlights the underrepresentation of women in history, shedding light on their vital, though frequently unnoticed, roles. Traditionally confined to homemaking, women have quietly shaped our society. Grandmothers have woven their wisdom and skills into family bonds across generations, offering a sense of security and belonging.


Textiles, a medium intimately entwined with a unique history, reflect domestic, social, cultural, and political values as profoundly as yarn and thread themselves. Through her art, Alison deciphers the unspoken stories of women's lives and the fragments of their history, skillfully translating them into miniature vessels that encapsulate their profound significance.


Alison's artistic path is deeply personal, ignited by her Grandmother's crafting talents. This continuous project broadens as more women contribute their Grandmothers' tales, and Alison translates them into abstracted female forms, resulting in a continually evolving collection with rich narratives.


You're invited to participate in our "Remembering Grandmothers" workshop, where you can create a stitched memory panel that honours your own Grandmother.

Workshop information and Booking

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