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3D on Gallery Axis
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We need more space!


With over 45,000 visitors a year, the activities in the Gallery – the embroidery display, guest exhibitions, workshops and talks all fight for the same space and its increasingly difficult to accommodate the demand of visiting groups from local schools, care homes and disabled organisations. Added to this, on busy days the sound from the Café encroaches into the Gallery.


Our plans, for which planning consent has been secured and which have the full support of the local authority, will transform the Gallery into a two-level exhibition and workshop space enhancing the visitor experience. A new entrance accessed directly from the carpark will provide a strong identity for the Gallery separate from the Walled Garden while landscaping adjacent to the new Gallery parking area will create a permanent and welcoming entrance to Sunbury Park.


The integration of the Diana Springall Collection showcasing embroidery as a fine art, will enable us to create a ‘National Centre for Embroidery’ in Sunbury offering a valuable resource and study centre close to London and to world-leading educational institutions such as the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court educating, informing and inspiring visitors of all ages. 

An interactive multimedia exhibit will enable visitors to enhance their appreciation of the content and context of the Millennium Embroidery and increase insight into the architecture, environment, flora, fauna and cultural heritage of the village and surrounding area.

To build this we need to raise £2.25m, an investment which will repay itself many times over in the Gallery’s ability to enhance people’s lives.

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