Events January - July 2019




The Sunbury Gallery Beading Group meets in the Gallery every Tuesday morning year-round to create amazing hand-made beading gifts. Their efforts culminate in their  annual beading sale on Saturday 2 November. All proceeds are donated to the Sunbury Gallery.




Thursday 7 November: (19:00 - 20.30)

Apart from water and milk everything we drink comes from plants. Come to think of it even milk needs grass! Amanda looks at botanical origins of some of our well known and maybe more obscure tipples from ABC (Ale, beer and cider) to Bison grass infused ZUBROWKA. Amanda will explore why we “raise a toast” and what lambswool has to with orchards. She will look at the benefits of Navy rum and the rise, fall and soar of gin. “Meet the smoking bishop and a green fairy”

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Book in advance £12 / Members £10 (Price includes a glass of wine).


Wednesday 27 November: (19:00 - 20.30)

From pagan times evergreen plants have been a sign of hope and light in the dark winter months, but why do we still bring them indoors at Christmas? Why was mistletoe so prized by the druids and where does the custom kissing under it come from. What was the reason for planting holly close to the house and why did Inn keepers hang bunches of ivy over their doors?

Amanda will look at the Yule log, from Viking roots to a chocolate treat. How did red poinsettia become such a firm Christmas favourite and what other worldly creatures are lurking in our festive greenery?

Join Amanda for an evening of tales from the woods and beyond with mulled wine and mince pies.

Book in advance £12 / Members £10 (Price includes a glass of wine).



One of the more common questions asked by visitors & volunteers to the Gallery is whether or not we run any workshops that will enable embroiderers to refresh and re-hone their embroidery skills. And the answer to this question is a qualified yes. If you are looking for encouragement or direction to start or perhaps complete an embroidery then this class is designed for you. 

Just bring along your project and Sophie will be on hand to answer any of your questions, provide encouragement and assistance with any aspect of your work.

Saturday 26 October: (10:00 - 15:00)

Silk Shading and Ribbon Embroidery: £60 (Kit included) 

This beautiful technique is often described as painting with a needle. Using a variety of your chosen colours in silk thread you will learn to create your own unique shaded piece with ribbon embellishment to stunning effect.

Saturday 30th November: (10:00 - 15:00)

Christmas Stumpwork: £60 (Kit included)

Inspiration for a unique Christmas gift with a fun element. Although ‘Stumpwork’ embroidery dates from the 17th century English form of raised and padded embroidery, Sophie brings this technique into the 21st century combining modern designs with traditional stitch techniques. 

Wednesday 30 October, 20 November & 11 December: (10:00 - 15:00) 

Technical Skills Workshops: £45.00 per workshop

An opportunity to brush up on your technical skills with the guidance of Sophie Long who graduated from The Royal School of Needlework in 2008 and has since taught for the RSN In the UK and the USA. Sophie has exhibited her own work throughout the UK and has completed many prestigious commissions


Saturday 16th November: (10:00 - 1500)

Christmas willow workshop: £65 (materials included) WORKSHOP FULLY BOOKED - Contact The Gallery if you would like to be added to our waiting list.

Indulge yourself and get creative crafting your own Christmas angel or willow star with fairy lights during this fun-packed one day workshop. Suitable for all

ages 14+.

Coffee &/or tea on arrival.

There will be a short break when you can purchase in advance from our Café serving home baked food