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Inspired by Nature


Eliza and Sarah both graduated from The Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court Palace in 2022 with First Class BA (Hons) degree in Hand Embroidery.

They are both inspiring textile artists who share a passion for hand embroidery and an appreciation of nature’s textural details, and an awareness of the constant states of change in the environment around us.

Their shared dedication for hand embroidery is viewed from two very different unique and exciting forms of creativity.

Eliza Gomersall is inspired by nature and by fantasy film creating a story of transformation. Through the eye of her macro lens Eliza reveals what you can’t see with the naked eye, using hand embroidery to show connections and similarities between the natural world and the mythological.

The Peach Blossom moth and the Lime Hawk moth were Eliza’s inspiration in colour pallet and pattern for her adornment, taking features from both, to mould an original design. In addition
Eliza has incorporated botanical

motifs on the wings with subtle changes of colour and design, representing the transformational life cycle of a rose and an apple tree to create a fantastical hybrid creature, designed through hand- embroidery.

Eliza’s greatest achievement to date was Freelance hand Embroiderer 1st Prize winner- Hand & Lock 2022.

Sarah Dempsey’s work is influenced by botanical surfaces and form such as lichen, fungi and moss. Her fashion statements are based around sustainability and using as many used, donated and found items as possible.

The idea of using functional fabric and workwear as a foundation for her decorative and refined embroidery interested her as the contrast between the two is so great and inspired further research.

Creating a work of beauty from something austere and utilitarian is a challenge and this ideology features in her latest work pairing the masculinity of the leather motorcycle jacket and the femininity of the flowers and embroidery and has in turn created androgynous, gender inclusive wearable art.

Re-using and recycling materials plus making use of those already in her possession is very important to her in the pursuit of a sustainable up cycling ethos.

Two brilliant emerging textile designers who embrace experimentation and share their passion and respect for nature through art.

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