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Kingfly: In My Safe Space

Introducing David's inaugural solo exhibition, a fascinating portrayal of his artistic journey. From his award-winning debut with "Natural Order of Things" at the 2019 Hand & Lock and Wilcom Digital Embroidery Award to his current explorations at the Royal School of Needlework, David's artistic evolution comes vividly to life.


Kingfly: In My Safe Space is a showcase of artistry and resilience. From lifelike pet portrait to thought provoking reflection on life and death, his artwork covers a wide emotional spectrum. Highlighted are pieces echoing his PTSD struggle and remarkable recovery. These are juxtaposed with his innovative embroidery luxe prints creatively transformed into furniture designs in collaboration with his wife, Alison.


As an Embroiderers' Guild Scholar and Craft Council member, David's collaborations span celebrities (Dannii Minogue or interior designer Linda Barker), renowned brands (CHOUOHC a luxury Japanese Cosmetic Brand), and a recent feature on the television show BBC2 "Make It at Market" presented by Dom Chinea.


Sponsored by industry giants like Wilcom, GS-UK Ltd, and Janome, he's also celebrated as a QEST scholar, enhancing his digital-hand embroidery fusion.


One of his piece, “Original Stained Glass Window for a Dear Friend” has earned its place in the prestigious Diana Springall Collection.


Beyond artistry, David contributes to the fashion world as a senior academic at Sheffield Hallam University, leading design visions and championing embroidery's therapeutic essence in workshops nationwide.


A speaker, judge, and now author-in-progress, David's exhibition offers a curated glimpse into his expansive repertoire.


David will be giving a talk in the Gallery about his experience on Saturday 17th February, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. 


In conjunction with the exhibition, we are hosting an exciting competition. Visitors will have the opportunity to win a unique art piece created by David. To participate, simply follow both The Sunbury Gallery and Kingfly on Instagram and suggest a name for the art piece. The best title wins. Follow us on our social media for more information. 

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