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Balance in Nature


Introducing Joe Shevelan and Susie Garner, two distinct artists united by a

common theme: Balance. 


Joe's collection, delves into the delicate equilibrium of mental health and wellbeing. His hand-forged jewellery and contemplative rock sculptures represent the interplay of creating, healing, and growing as individuals grapple with life's challenges. When making art sometimes it will just fall apart, and you have to stack it up again. Balancing the rocks, creating, and recreating impermanent art reflects the process of both making art and of what it means to be human. We are never truly in control, and nothing lasts forever. Make, heal, and grow.


On the other hand, Susie Garner, a silversmith with a MA degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing, draws her inspiration from nature's balance and the intricate details of the English countryside. Her work breathes life into silver flowers and decorative wall art that encapsulate the intertwined textile of nature. By exploring the interplay of multi-layering, decorative weave, stitch and pattern balance, she speaks for nature in a visual narrative.  Susie sees plants as an interwoven textile that clothe the Earth, and flowers as more than just a decorative detail, but essential to the existence of all life.


While Joe and Susie's artistic mediums and styles differ, the concept of balance unites their work, inviting viewers to reflect on equilibrium in mental health and the harmonious beauty of the natural world.

Susie Garner MA (@susiegarner.silvermith) • Instagram photos and videos

Joe Shevelan (@forgedathome) • Instagram photos and videos

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