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The Sunbury Gallery runs a year-round programme of Talks. 

  • For more information or if you are interested in booking a space please contact us on 01932 788101 or email us at

  • Public car park is available in either the Walled Garden car park or the Meadow car park. Disabled parking bays are available in the Walled Garden car park, close to the entrance to the Gallery.

  • Payment for all workshops will be taken at the time of booking. We will refund all workshops where a cancellation is required due to unforeseen personal reasons only.

Darren Ball Talk
Robert McCaffrey Talk




Darren Ball renowned Textile artist will discuss the development of his practice from his degree in Fashion textiles specializing in hand-knit, through his MA at Norwich School of Art and Design to the current embroideries in the exhibition.

He will show additional samples of his work, and how he exploits the restrictions of free embroidery to create his images. Darren’s work has covered hand-knit, bead-weaving and machine embroidery.

THURSDAY 30 MARCH  - 19:00 to 20:30

The Sunbury Gallery

Tickets: £12 (Members 10% Discount)




Robert is a London based freelance copywriter and art historian specialising in fashion and textiles. He gives a sharp-witted intuitive talk on his chosen subject.

From the humblest stitches, vast spectacles can be created. Considering the pomp and circumstance of British ceremonial customs, Art and Fashion Historian, Robert Ossant invites you to discover how the Monarchy has adapted the art of embroidery to elevate royal occasions, funerals and coronations.

From Queen Victoria to the 2023 Coronation, Robert explores some of the uniforms, dresses and ceremonial attire, revealing their origins and symbolism.

Through uniform, clothing choice and embellishments, what can the Monarchs of Great Britain tell us about their moment in history? More importantly, what can the anticipated coronation of King Charles tell us about his intentions as our new King?

THURSDAY 20 APRIL  - 19:00 to 20:30 

The Sunbury Gallery

Tickets: £12 (Members 10% Discount)

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