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Trudie lives and works in South Devon and is also a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. She originally trained as a musician and oboist, playing in an orchestra in the Far East, then took a further degree in woven textiles at Central St Martins in London.

Trudie’s background in music merges into the woven worlds she creates, and the two become inseparable. For Trudie the process and making are very closely linked, making is totally in the present and requires compete focus.

Her latest collection is a tribute to British artist Winifred Nicholson 1893-1981 well known for her delicate colour sense expressed in her flower paintings mainly in domestic settings. Trudie captures the essence of the artist with her flower table weave.

Weave is a process of crossing threads, for Trudie, it can involve making connections, crossing over and pulling together threads of ideas, and giving them substance and materiality. She hand-dyes her own yarn and loom weaves in silk, embedding both colour and ideas within her canvas. Trudie develops a resource of visual references, colour, notes thoughts and information which are then translated onto the loom.

The rhythmical process of weaving provides a creative space for her ideas to develop, and feed back into her work.

Trudie was awarded winner of The Award of excellence by the Devon Guild selection committee out of 60+ exhibitors at the 2021 Devon Guild of Craftsmen Spring show with her series ‘A Woven Diary’.

Join Trudie for a free loom weaving demonstration in our Gallery, on the following dates:

  •  Saturday 29th October, 11am to 3:30pm

  •  Sunday 30th October, 11am to 3:30pm

Trudie Timlin-Brown

Trudie Timlin-Brown

Trudie Timlin-Brown

Trudie Timlin-Brown

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