Workshops & Talks

The Sunbury Gallery runs a year-round programme of workshops which cater for all abilities, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

A full programme of workshops & talks for Autumn 2022 is shown below. 


Our programme of workshops includes Embroidery, Willow Sculpture, Bobbin Lace Making, Felt Making and Tatreez (Palestinian Embroidery). 

  • All workshops are individually priced. Price includes all materials & kits as appropriate and a welcome tea / coffee on arrival.

  • All workshops run from 10:00 to 15:00 (unless stated otherwise). All participants are asked to arrive by 09:45 so workshops can start on time.

  • For all workshops, a lunch break is taken at a suitable time. To comply with social distancing guidelines, lunch will be taken in the Gallery. To save time, lunch orders are taken on arrival from the menu for which a charge is made.

  • Payment for all workshops will be taken at the time of booking. We will refund all workshops where a cancellation is required due to COVID 19 reasons and for unforeseen personal reasons only. 

  • Public car park is available in either the Walled Garden carpark or the Meadow carpark for which there is a charge of £2 per day. Disabled parking bays are available in the Walled Garden car park, close to the entrance to the Gallery.

  • For more information or if you are interested in booking a place please contact us on 01932 788101 or email us at

Sophie Long - Embroidery

Sophie Long - Embroidery

Judith Needham - Fruit Basket

Judith Needham - Fruit Basket

Lizzy Vartanian Collier - Palestinian Embroidery

Lizzy Vartanian Collier - Palestinian Embroidery

Tina Pedrick - Brooch - Beginners Leaf

Tina Pedrick - Brooch - Beginners Leaf

Boyana Husic - Felt

Boyana Husic - Felt

Lizzy Vartanian Collier - Palestinian Embroidery

Lizzy Vartanian Collier - Palestinian Embroidery

Judith Needham - Christmas star

Judith Needham - Christmas star

Sophie Long - Embroidery

Sophie Long - Embroidery

Judith Needham - Christmas Reindeer

Judith Needham - Christmas Reindeer

Lizzy Vartanian Collier - Palestinian Embroidery

Lizzy Vartanian Collier - Palestinian Embroidery



Sophie graduated from the Royal School of Needlework in 2008, having mastered more than 30 hand embroidery techniques. Her passion and dedication to teaching embroidery is displayed through her embroidery classes. 

SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER: Surface Stitches Workshop. Price £70

An introduction to embroidery, a class ideal for beginners/ those people wishing to learn a range of surface stitches, including trellis work, raised stem stitch and whipped wheels.

SATURDAY 15 OCTOBER: Applique Workshop. Price £70

Learn how to apply different fabrics with different outlines and decorative stitches, inspired by the Sunbury Gallery embroidery.

WEDNESDAY 2 NOVEMBER: No Kit Class. Price £55

Sophie will be on hand to help you with ongoing projects or to start new projects. Sophie can guide you through the design, the stitches to use and will teach you any techniques/stitches you may need. This is the perfect class if you have lots of unfinished projects but need a little help to finish them. Sophie is happy to discuss projects before the class so that you are ready to go on the day.

SATURDAY 10 DECEMBER: Christmas Goldwork and Ribbon Workshop. Price £70

Goldwork embroidery is the perfect technique for the festive season. Sophie will teach some Goldwork and ribbon technique which will be embroidered on Greeting Cards.



Judith has become a regular tutor on our workshop programme. Irrespective of participant's experience, all leave at the end of the day with impressive willow sculptures worthy of putting on display either in the garden or in the home. 


MONDAY 12 SEPTEMBER: Fruit Basket Willow Sculpture Workshop. Price £80

This class is a great introduction to basket making and is suitable for complete beginners but those with some experience are welcome too. Using natural willow rods harvested in Somerset, you will make a beautiful circular basket to display fruits or to use for storage around the home. Basket making is a fascinating craft with a long history. You will be learning the English stake and strand method which involves many interesting techniques, so you’ll learn lots and have lots of fun too! If the weather is cold or wet, we will work inside.

MONDAY 7 NOVEMBER: Christmas Reindeer Sculpture Workshop. Price £80

Learn the skill and joy of working with willow and impress your family and friends by creating your own decorative reindeer approximately 75cm tall. Why not place it beside your front door to welcome visitors this Christmas? Add some twiggy antlers and decorate with fairy lights if you wish. Using a whole range of basketry techniques, you get lots of learning in this class as well as a really impressive item to take home with you.

MONDAY 5 DECEMBER: Christmas Star Sculpture Workshop. Price £80

Light up your Christmas with your own unique handmade star! Working with natural Somerset willow and using a random weave technique, you will make at least one large willow star. Decorate it with fairy lights, hang it on your front door instead of a wreath, show it off on the top of your tree or display it on a wall all year round. Various sizes are possible up to about 50cm across. There is time in this class to make a star for yourself and one to give as a gift too!


Tina began lace making in 1992 and went on to become a City & Guilds qualified teacher. She now teaches the principles of 13 different lace types (English & Continental) with technique sessions in each lace. Tina has done work with Pinewood Film Studios and has been invited to hold a Russian Chrysanthemum lace workshop in Upper Beeding in Sussex.


SATURDAY 10 SEPTEMBER: Bobbin Lace Making Beginners Workshop. Price £70

This class will teach you one of the two basic stitches in Bobbin Lace making.  During the session you will also learn how to add and remove pairs while making a Leaf Brooch in Autumnal colours.  You will have the opportunity to embellish your leaf, by adding beads.  All equipment will be provided for the day.


SATURDAY 8 OCTOBER: Bobbin Lace Making – Mixed Ability Workshop. Price £70

You are welcomed to come along and receive help with a current project, or why not take the opportunity to try a new type of Lace. 

As a beginner, you will begin and/or finish a leaf Brooch. Tina will teach you one of the two Basic stitches in Bobbin Lace making. You will also learn how to add and remove pairs while making a Leaf Brooch in Autumnal colours.


Lizzy Vartanian Collier is a fourth-generation embroiderer, a craft passed down from women to women across the Middle East. She has been fortunate to spend time with female practitioners in Jordan, learning about traditional stitches from Palestine, Jordan and Iraq. She has given workshops at the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Other Art Fair, Darat Al Funun and Manara Culture in Amman, Jordan. Her work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art, Green & Stone and Haus Gallery.


SATURDAY 22 OCTOBER - 10am to 1pm: Introduction to Palestinian Embroidery Workshop - Price £40

Welcome into the world of traditional Palestinian Tatreez (embroidery)!  Artist Lizzy Vartanian will introduce you to the art of Palestinian embroidery with a short presentation on the history and symbolism of traditional Palestinian embroidery motifs. She will also show you real examples of hand stitched cushions and thobes (dresses) from the Levant, as well as teaching guests how to stitch a traditional Palestinian embroidery motif.



Textile fibre and paper artist Boyana Husic graduated from the University of Fine Arts (BA).

After years of working with different textile techniques, inspired by natural colours and flowers, felting has become a passion she shares in her workshops.


MONDAY 21 NOVEMBER – 10am to 1pm - Brooch and Christmas decoration - Price £55

In this felting class, you will learn the basics of dry (needle) and wet felting techniques.

In the first half, we will make a wet felted flower brooch, and in the second half, we will create a needle felted Christmas decoration of your choice. At the end of the session, you will leave with two felted gifts to keep or give for Christmas.


Clothing and History: Considering the Victorians, how can fashion and uniform reveal deeper historical understanding?


THURSDAY 15 SEPTEMBER – 7pm to 8.30pm - Tickets £15.00 includes wine & nibbles (Members/student discount)


Robert McCaffrey spent 10 years developing his first-hand knowledge of fashion and textile art s at the historic London embroidery house, Hand & Lock. After completing a Masters in Art History, he wrote for the Fashion Studies Journal and was a regular guest speaker on arts podcasts and museum talks, including National Gallery. As an independent arts and fashion freelance writer he now consults for brands around the world.


Description: Opened by Queen Victoria in 1851, the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations at the Crystal Place was the first truly international showcase of trade and industry. In this unique presentation, art and fashion historian Robert McCaffrey explores what was communicated at this event through the dress of Queen Victoria and the uniforms of her Body Guards. Considering material, embroideries, gender and politics, this talk shows how clothing and textiles can grant us deeper insights into historic events and historical figures.